Hey there!


I'm Jonah, a filmmaker, frontend developer, and moose enthusiast from Seattle. One fun film project of mine is The Anatomy of a Staircase, a short documentary about the unique design of my school’s stairs. I’ve also done editing work for the Instagram account Old Jewish Men. Many of my personal projects are goofy and semi-satirical, like Moose Not Meese, an organization I founded promoting the correct plural form of "moose." My more serious coding work is usually part of JCWYT, a "company" I created with my friend Callum. Off of the internet, I run cross country, play some video games, do other techy things, and eat bagels.

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This is my Youtube channel where I post my more serious films and video projects.

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I founded Moose Not Meese, a non-profit with the goal of re-educating "meesers," or people who incorrectly pluralize "moose."

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JCWYT is a "company" I founded with my friend Callum. We've made a bunch of cool games and projects.

Oh and want to hire me for web development or video production? Send an email to [email protected]!