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The Untamed Moose

I have a Youtube channel called The Untamed Moose, where I post videos about things that I think are funny and interesting. Check it out at

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JCWYT is a "company" I founded with my friend Callum. We've made a bunch of cool games and projects. You can view its website at

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Moose Not Meese

I founded Moose Not Meese, a non-profit with the goal of re-educating "meesers," or people who incorrectly pluralize "moose." You can view its website at

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Far superior to Bootstrap and every other CSS library, JonahStrap is the greatest CSS library ever made (by Jonah). It has the go-to default CSS I use on the websites I build, including the one you're looking at right now! You can check it out at


Hey there! I'm Jonah, a filmmaker, frontend developer, and moose enthusiast from Seattle. Many of my projects are goofy and semi-satirical, like my non-profit advocating for the correct plural form of "moose" (not meese). My serious work is usually part of JCWYT, a "company" I created with my friend Callum. Our projects and games include a Discord bot named Barbara, a game called FOOAAAHH, and a YouTube unblocker. Off of the internet, I play a lot of video games, do other techy things, eat bagels, and bike.
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